Banking Applications

Banking works primarily with financial institutions that deal with sensitive information, security is crucial. With myFAX, senders can fax confidential information directly from the privacy of their computers, right from the application they’re working in. Departmental computers receiving inbound faxes can be password-protected, accessible only to authorized individuals within the department, reducing security risks.
Fax Servers are an integral and essential tool for the financial services industry. A significant volume of transactions and paper documents flow through the operations of financial services organizations every day.
myFAX Network Fax Server is a great solution in this industry when there is a need for reliable, high-throughput fax processing.
•     Reduced paper and consumables
•     HTTPS support, enhance security.
•     Fax number management through personal and corporate database phonebooks
•     Send and received faxes directly by users' desktops
•     Fax distribution by automatic routing
•     Elimination of fax machine maintenance
•     Elimination of time-consuming inefficient manual processes and better utilization of employee resources.

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