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In today's competitive market, organizations are continuously looking for innovative and productive ways to reduce their communication expenses and improve the efficiency of their document processing. Enterprise-wide, feature-rich electronic messaging environments allow seamless integration with existing applications and platforms.

Small and medium enterprises and departments within larger companies have the challenge of finding a fax server software solution that is affordable, scalable, can improve customer communications and improve business performance and processes. myFAX Network Fax Server can dramatically enhance productivity and reduce costs while streamlining processes and improving the quality, security and timeliness of your documents. If you are still employing stand-alone fax machines, fax software with desktop modems or manually fax batch documents generated from your back-office applications you are wasting time and money. myFAX Network Fax Server performs these jobs more quickly and efficiently, allowing your employees to be more productive while allowing you to address regulatory concerns and provide customers with a higher level of service. Transmission using myFAX Network Fax Server is also much more secure, accurate and has a lower operation cost.
The objective of myFAX Network Fax Server is to increase employee productivity and efficiency while minimizing manual fax processing, and reduce the ongoing costs associated with a fax machine.
•     20 - 100 users sending and receive faxes via desktop
•     You can remote login myFAX wherever you are by Internet, eliminate lost faxes
•     Faxing by email
•     Check your faxes by email box
•     Incoming faxex can be distributed to specified user automatically, enhance privacy.
•     Reduce the costs associated with fax machines
•     Send and receive faxes by internet, eliminate paper cost.
•     Broadcast a fax to all your customers at one time and no need to wait for the faxes go through.
•     Inbound and outbound faxes can be saved to your specify folder in PC or Server
•     You can setup extension for each user. No additional PBX device request.
•     No extra telephone line required for the fax, you can run myFAX Network Fax Server with telephone device together by one PSTN line.
•     No standing by fax machine for faxing any more
•     No need to spend your budget on buying and maintaining a fax machine.

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